UKB -Coordination Point Research Impact

Concept development and moderation of a set of brainstorms to explore and prioritise pilot ideas in a collaborative trajectory of the UKB Coordination point Research Impact and Elsevier. These pilots should address the needs of university libraries to support Open Science and therefore adhere to the open collaboration principles of this trajectory, and create impact for researchers. Together with Ay Mey Lie.

Netherlands National Programme Open Science

logo Nationaal Programma Open Science

Lead Stakeholder Engagement of the National Programme Open Science which is chaired by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW). Previous lead of the cross-domain project ‘ACCELERATE OPEN SCIENCE Fostering initiatives that promote Open Science in the Netherlands’


screenshot TWAS webinar

Organising and presenting an Introduction to Open Science Webinar for the UNESCO World Academy of Sciences for the advancement of science in developing countries.

ORCID Campaign UKB

poster ORCID campaign

A national campaign for the ORCID working group of the UKB, the Dutch consortium of research libraries and the National library.

Goal was to raise awareness about ORCID amongst researchers at Dutch universities, and to convince them to create their own ORCID-iD. ORCID is an international system for the persistent identification of academic authors.

Opening Up the Research Life Cycle

Lead organiser of the conference Opening Up the Research Life Cycle: Innovative Methods for Op Science of the H2020 OpenUp project, for the University of Amsterdam.

Photos CC by OpenUP

EU Presidency Open Science Cafes

the cards designed for the open science cafe

Concept development of an open science playing cards concept to kick-start a dialog between 300+ attendees, from researchers to members of the European Parliament, for the Dutch EU Presidency Open Science Conference in 2016.

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