«Melanie helped us to set up a comprehensive engagement strategy for our Open Science programme, and together with Mathijs from IM Studio she created beautiful infographics to illustrate its outlines and goals. They are both very pleasant to work with, and skilled at turning complex concepts into clear text and visuals.»

Dr. Sander Bosch
Open Science Coordinator Vrije Universiteit

«Melanie engaged with international colleagues to produce a remarkable webinar that exceeded our expectations. I’m very impressed with Melanie’s professionalism and commitment. I look forward to working with her more.»

Dr. Max Paoli
The World Academy of Sciences, UNESCO

«I have come to know Melanie as an extremely capable person who embodies the values of Open Science, who has an inner drive to communicate and who has been successful in organizing various communities. Next to her excellent work for SURF, Melanie has great experience in dealing with a wide variety of stakeholders across Europe.»

Dr. Maurice Bouwhuis
Innovation Manager, SURF

« Melanie organised the Open Up Final Conference in Brussels in a highly professional and pro-active way. Her extensive international network really helped to come up with a great line up of speakers and interactive sessions. Melanie is reliable, communicative and very resourceful; she also is an excellent team player. »

Saskia Woutersen-Windhouwer
Library University of Amsterdam

«Working with Melanie has been a great pleasure. She is accurate, well organized and very clear and open in her communications. LCRDM fully recommends her as a practical consultant for any aspect dealing with Research Data Management.»

Ingeborg Verheul
Coordinator LCRDM

«While working for LIBER Melanie exceeded her job requirements. Feedback from project partners is that Melanie tries to listen to all groups and comes up with the best solution for everyone. An example like the LIBER Open Science Café at the EU Presidency Conference, that came about as a result of Melanie’s initiative, raised LIBER’s profile and showed Melanie’s innovativeness and ability to mobilise the team.»

Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen
President LIBER Europe

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